Cakes, cookies and nut wine

Confection and pastry are rooted in ancient traditions, many of them inherited from Islam in Spain, such as ”turrones”, almond ”mantecados”, ”tortas(cakes) de alma”, ”cuajadas” (curds), ”almojábanas”, flans, ”cabello de angel”(”angel hair”) pastries: Cakes, cookies and nut wine.

There is a long winemaking tradition in the areas of Matarranya in the province of Teruel (Fuentespalda, Cretas and Valderrorres) and in the area around Sant Mateu, in the province of Castellon. These are fruity, full-bodied wines, mainly red, (based on the ”Garnatxa” variety) which reach up to 14º and serve as the base for the excellent walnut liqueur or ”nogado” wine.

In this liqueur, the wine is blended with eau-de-vie and walnuts gathered on the magical night of “San Juan”- the summer solstice – Its final decanting into bottles must be carried out only during a waning moon.