Heritage – Architecture

Heritage – Architecture: The towns of El Maestrazgo and Matarranya are one of its main features, reminder of the prosperity and splendor of the past.

As we know them today, they owe their origin to the period of the Christian Reconquest and subsequent repopulation process. It was in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries when the old kingdom of Aragon secured its borders in the face of the Muslim danger of the neighbouring kingdom of Valencia. This strategy of advancing and of rapid occupation was put in the hands of the Military Orders –mainly the Temple-.

Finally, the mountainous character of the territory, and its difficult accesibility, form the basis of urban planning or town design, which has continued practically unchanged to our days:

  • Places of great beauty set upon spurs or rocky shelves.
  • Existence of a partially or totally walled perimeter.
  • Urban network of narrow streets.
  • Centrally-located parish churches – in the midst of the population – some of them monuments made into points of interest.
  • Notable buildings, of later origin and styles –gothic, renaissance, baroque-.