Labyrinth of Silence

Labyrinth of Silence. Without a doubt, one of the most treasured values of the Maestres Area is its tranquillity and solitary character which often gives the hiker the impression of being the first person to set foot on these paths.

Far from the main roads, the Heart of Spain finds in these lands a true example of abandoned landscape, surroundings and, at the same time, a delicate balance between nature and man.

But the landscape is also memories; it reconstructs memories and casts shadows from other times: villages lost in history, kilometres of walls of dry stone, the remains of the splendour of livestock farming, country houses left to an uncertain fate in the middle of the countryside, innumerable places where the silence speaks.

The population density is currently at 2.5 persons per square kilometre, which the European Union defines as deserted. This demographic characteristic, aggravated by the continual drain of migration and the aging population which makes succession of generations difficult, conditions economic activity enormously.