Pilgrims, bull and party

Pilgrims, bull and party. The multitude of hermitages scattered throughot the territory are the site of numerous spring festivals. Associated with processions and miraculous passages, the purpose of these festivals was to honor nature, fight droughts, and favour good harvest. Of particular importance is the Villarluengo Prilgrimage to the Hermitage of Saint Peter of Montoro which is celebrated in April.

The bull is another protagonist of the festivals. In the morning or afternoon the “encierros” are held in which the animal runs through the streets of the village. At night the ”embolado de fuego” is carried out, in which several flaming balls are placed on the bull’s horns.

In addition, the symbol of the city of Teruel is a bull: The “Torico”.

In winter, the most important festival is Saint Antón, linked to the protection of animals and the symbology of the struggle between good and evil – theatrical presentations of “diablets”, in which fire is one of the main protagonists in the form of bonfires. Of particular importance are the playing in Mirambel and Valderrobres.