Sceneries. The effects of the climate, type of ground relief, and man´s intervention have created a landscape of vegetation with great contrasts unique to the mediterranean mountainous areas.

The areas that are most elevated and bare of vegetation ”moorland” are covered by types xerophytic type, with great profusion of aromatic plants (thyme, lavender, sage. Rosemary, etc.) This upper layer corresponds, however, where there has not been deforestation in the past, to the dominion Pinus silvestris with thickets of boxwood and creeping sabine. Here in autumn, the appreciated and coveted robellon (mushroom) abounds. These pines are often the object of forest exploitation.

In some areas, they alternate with pastures and grazing land which, in turn, have sustained the raising of livestock from time immemorial.

Médium elevations are occupied by mixed masses of good European black pines alternating with kermes oak groves in the warmest exposed areas and quercus in the wettest exposed areas.

River banks are another of the Mediterranean ecosystems of the zone. Exuberant and leafy, they constitute an oasis of coolness and shade contrasting with the dry and sunny limestone plateaus.