The Christian Reconquest of the territories and their necessary repopulation and maintenance was placed in the hands of the Military Orders. In 1196 The Templar acquired dominion of these places carrying out a number of ”Encomiendas” or ”Baylías”, territorial divisions united by rigid organizational discipline, headed by the figure of the ”Maestre”(Master). The name Maestrazgo comes from this word.

Collective bellicose activities, exemptions, taxes immunity for criminals and assassins. The border with Islam became a place of refuge for people fleeing from their past: murderers, thieves, debtors, people with no family ties. A ”war-oriented society” arose, which would serve as the foundation for the structure of the territory and its economic exploitation.

The Order of the Temple was dissolved in 1308 and after violent revolts in the area, its possessions were acquired by the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem or of the Hospital.